23rd February,1821

23rd February,1821,at around 11pm –

He who sleeps there knows that the cloudburst sheds beads of tears in reciprocation to his melancholy.
He who sleeps there knows that the caelum doesn’t only mean the rising sun,the gold-baked moon or the lustre in the star.
He who sleeps there knows that a whole isolated universe waits for him,an avenue of white roses.

There lies the headstone of romance, testament of amour, anemones of suppressed cold breath, catacomb of meditated swallowed pain.

How incredible it is that he vanishes before every spring and spectacularly reappears taking a rebirth from the dead leaf in every new autumn!

His art bewitches a lover’s soul.
He is himself an ode to all the odes.
He is all beauty.
He is the omphalos of joy.
He is love, and my solaced religion.


Freshness in thickets
Sunshine over catacombs
Orchids kiss mildly.

P.S. – I bought some orchids from a nearby nursery. All throughout my journey from the nursery back to my house the fragrance of the soft petals enchanted me. So, thought of penning down a few lines.

Would you?

Would you stop by my house on a blizzard night?
Would you bring your ukulele to serenade me?
Would you decorate my eclipsing room with glowing candles?
Would you walk into my lounge and sit by the hearth?
Would you take me on your gondola to sail across the milky river?
Would you hold a lantern to my face and gaze at me?
Would you gently place a perfumed yellow tulip in my hair?
Would you stroke a dove’s feather around my neck for a whole night?

This journey

Across so many miles, settlements, you have walked, and yet, nowhere could you find to open up like the ocean, fitting sanctuary?

May well be; deep maladies, they say have by now made many habitations unnatural —-  This journey then is only a continued stepping from one vacuity to a different one!

Night falls.Let night fall in all it’s denseness; it’s deep mystical darkness — to let drop the fardel of grief — veils facial lines, and all the world.

Knowing all this, I still say,look with a calmer eye, and you will see – In the faraway nigrescent dots of light glowing as fireflies—

Maybe somewhere an encampment, it’s eyes full of sleep has been waiting long to hearken the beats of your heart.

It could well so happen.Such things do.


We,us and ours

I spent more than half of my day contemplating, absorbed and lost in the realms of beauty where happiness blooms lonely.Most thoughts are either imaginary and melded with fantasy that dissipates in the nadir of overwhelming fancies and some are just the fragments or the remnants of past which are exclusively unornamented.

I don’t think this is a pertinent introduction to what I am about to write.But,certainly the picture above speaks itself.It was clicked in my school back in class VIII then, experiencing the first thrills of early adolescence.

Here goes the bunch of ruffians with whom I burgeoned.Limpid madness, pretty shenanigans,wily tomfoolery dominated the air.More commonly known as”Bhombolazzz”(the official name of the group),we had been the heart-throbs.Now, there’s a funny association attached to the group’s name-the word ‘bhombol’ in Bengali means ‘nincompoop’ and we were in a humor to add a Tamil twist to it just to imitate the Malayalam accent of our Physics teacher.I know this seems absolutely ridiculous but then it was a super amusement for us.Weren’t we mischievous?

I laugh with moist eyes when I reminisce all these memories.But only my laughter echoes within the four walls and my shadow often mocks at my solitariness.I wanted us to be knitted together,I wanted us to age together,I never wanted us to be a part of each other’s memorabilia.Why couldn’t we remain the same? When was the irascibility, chronic dissatisfaction and displeasure born within us?Why did we all grow up so fast so as to become evanescent with time? When had the ego seasoned itself to vanquish love?How would I know that the people who painted my childhood with the most variegated pastels would leave me so soon? I had no idea then that the promises were kept to be broken just like the false staircase of sand which collapses.We stayed,yet lost somewhere, we exist in smithereens, not so glutinous to be affixed or clung to.Ignorance has towered itself so much compelling the humongous billow of love to be swallowed up by a stupefaction.Excuses come as camouflage for the sentiments of conscience.At this point of time, I want to travel a few steps back,I want to return.Reality certifies such a desire to be impossible,so I have chosen to live in delusion,the world which truly seems gifted with blessed euphoria.The friendship which once seemed like a vast boundless ocean is now superficial.We have always loved each other,we still do but we have just let ourselves to be forgotten in the humdrum and fashion of life.

Secret Tales

Engrossed in a reverie my weary soul awakens

A jet of delight rushes through my veins and persuades me to smile

What’s happening all of a sudden?

Have I fallen in love again?

It’s on this pitch black night that a shadow follows me

Trying to  capture my hands as if it needs my company

What’s happening all of a sudden?

Have I fallen in love again?

Under the overcast sky amidst the nebulous air I could see him chuckle

The caliginous figure at a distance approaching nearer to me momentarily

What’s happening all of a sudden?

Have I fallen in love again?

I grew restless and something fretted me

I could feel scintillating tremors inside me

What’s happening all of a sudden?

Have I fallen in love again?

I stood there benumbed and motionless

The cosmos tranquil and paralysed

What’s happening all of a sudden?

Have I fallen in love again?

A tendinous physique came and stood before me

Our eyes met and we exchanged some incommunicable words suppressed for yonks

What’s happening all of a sudden?

Have I fallen in love again?

His inscrutable eyes enthralled me

His booming voice sang some mellifluous tunes to my ears

What’s happening all of a sudden?

Have I fallen in love again?

My bosom gently touched his heart

I palpitated, the rhythm of his heartbeat rang incessantly

What’s happening all of a sudden?

Have I fallen in love again?

His buoyant disposition made me feverish

He stroked my disheveled long hair with his firm fingers

He slurped all the taste of my luscious lips with his lips

What’s happening all of a sudden?

Have I fallen in love again?

Bejeweled in darkness, flushed with passion was the night

Amongst the lush and lucid green we have been a part of nature

What’s happening all of a sudden?

Have I fallen in love again?

The calm breath of that stranger has pacified my agitated spirit for years

His love,his cuddles,his warmth were my healers,my cure potions

Why am I visualizing such an episode?

Why am I weaving the web of fragile dreams?

Why am I absorbed in such a deep meditation of love?

Have I really fallen in love again?

Alas!Not so;

Its not love,not poor dear love but

A miserable young lady’s concealed

Secret Tales”

Midnight sparks

That winsome sheepish grin

Those chatoyant bashful eyes

Which makes her heart race in a breakneck pace

Leaves nothing for her but only relics of solace.

The grapples which the therapist treats with a potion of love

Disembogue the sky of dusk with a syzygy of glimmering stars.

A gushing whirlwind of untrammeled passions

That sail along the lining clouds like a dove.

To kiss the exuding fragrance in her body was his unswerving fervor

To stare at his vacillating Adam’s Apple for endless hours bewitched her eyes.

A Heartbroken Soul’s Elegy

You have incinerated my flickering hopes,

Slaughtered my sentient emotions,

Bombarded my imperishable love,

Enshrouded my pervading trust,

Sundered my poor miserable heart.

You have made me pistanthrophobic,

Dispassionate in love,

Stultified me in all pursuits,

Plundered my forlorn dreams,

Drowned me into an imperturbable tranquility.

You have strewn the promenade with briars,

Gifted me wrangles and contretemps,

Encapsulated quandaries and maddened me into a psychopath,

Tickled me with whetted venomous fangs,

Transformed me into an insipid,unamenable moron.

You have jettisoned my goodness into acrimony,

Volatalized my intrinsic affection,

Snatched away all the potpourri of happiness,melancholia,and excruciating pain,

Pushed me into a saturnine, infernal realm,

And cascaded down the elixir of heaven into the necropolis.

Your verisimilitude of eternity metamorphosed into ephemerality,

Your liaison slackened into alienation,

Your unkept promises simmer like a roar of distant thunder,

Your abeyant touches afflict my senses with maladies,

And your evanescent visage arouses horripilation at midnight.